Subarus are built for reliability, and that reliability is best supported with genuine manufacturer parts. But there are many competing parts on the market that are made by independent companies, who often sell them at lower prices. For a number of reasons, original equipment manufacturer - or OEM - parts are the best choice to make when your vehicle needs mechanical repair or body work.

Decisions, Decisions: Why Choose OEM Parts?

When you are faced with the decision to use genuine Subaru parts vs. aftermarket, there are several important factors to consider. First, those genuine parts have been made specifically for your vehicle, therefore they are sure to be fully compatible and functional. This is especially crucial with auto body repairs after a collision: an aftermarket body panel, for instance, may not be built with crumple zones the way an OEM part would, and it may not fit seamlessly. A Subaru service department will also stock the most current versions of each part; if any improvements have been made to a component, you will get that advantage.

Aftermarket parts do not offer the same certainty as OEM parts, and they may or may not come with a warranty. It can also be a challenge to choose the right aftermarket part since there are so many companies making them. If the wrong part is ordered, your repair will be delayed and you will spend more time dealing with the inconvenience of being without your car. Another reason to choose genuine Subaru parts vs. aftermarket parts is that the resale value of the car will go down if aftermarket parts are used for body repairs. That can hurt when the time comes to trade it in for a newer model.

Dealership Service vs. Independent Shops

This line of reasoning is the same when you consider having repairs done by an independent mechanic rather than your Subaru dealership's service team. The dealer's service department will always use genuine Subaru parts installed by factory-trained technicians who are equipped with the specialized tools to precisely diagnose and fix your automotive issues. These professionals know Subarus inside-out, meaning your car may spend less time in the shop. Because you are most likely paying by the hour for labor, you'll save money as well as get your car back more promptly. And since every vehicle service at Balise Subaru includes a multi-point safety check, you'll get peace of mind as well as a heads-up on repairs you may need to start planning for in the near future.

It can be tempting to choose aftermarket over genuine Subaru parts or an independent repair shop vs. dealership service based solely on cost, but that is a line of thinking that almost always backfires. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In the case of genuine Subaru parts, you are getting precision, high quality, and reliability, meaning that those parts will last and last. Since these parts are backed up by Subaru, they will also be replaced with no hassle in the rare case that something goes wrong.

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