As a bonus to their excellent lineup of all-wheel drive cars and utility vehicles, Subaru also offers accessories and sports equipment for New England's longest - and coldest - season. The Japanese automaker designs its cars not just for active people, but people who especially enjoy cold-weather activities (which is why all-wheel drive comes standard on just about all).

For this reason, it's no surprise that they offer an extensive catalog of special Subaru-branded accessories, clothing, and even recreational equipment. They've partnered with a number of like-minded companies to bring you high-quality co-branded products, including Kuhl and Eddie Bauer clothing and - new this year - a special Subaru snowboard made by the excellent independent snowboard manufacturer out of Washington state, Lib Tech.

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Winter Clothing

You won't have any fun out there if you're shivering, and winter warmth starts at the top - meaning you should keep your head covered. Subaru's selection of toasty and comfortable hats includes fitted, adjustable, and stretchy wool caps, as well as sherpa, waffle knit, and scrunch beanies. Then there are graphic tees, pullovers, sweatshirts, and jackets with fun designs, plus pullovers and zip-ups in a variety of weights. There are even options for little ones: infant onesies, logo tees, and adorable socks.


Winter Utilities and Basic Supplies

Yes, Subarus are built for adventure, and adventures usually require gear. The winter catalog contains highly useful items for any wintertime outdoor pursuit you can think of. For camping or roughing it in the cold, you can choose a Basecamp fire starter tool, a useful multi-tool, a Barrow spork/utensil, a wrench key chain, retractable lanterns, a flashlight multi-tool, and carabiners. There's also a great selection of water bottles, thermoses, and mugs for long trips or nights around the campfire. Preparation is everything, and Subaru's waterproof first aid kit should always be within reach. This is that half of the year when nearly every night is cold, so make sure to pick up a few Subaru blankets. Each one in the catalog is both lightweight and warm, and that includes Nomadix and fleece options.


Animal Accessories

As you look through the catalog, you'll notice the obvious nod toward dog lovers. Yes, Subarus are enormously popular with keepers of canine companions, most of whom wouldn't dream of adventuring without their four-legged friends. Subaru is proud to be an animal-friendly brand with great awareness of how big a part dogs play in outdoor fun, and it's only natural that they make branded pet accessories available. You can get a dedicated dog tent or choose a Rewilder upcycled leash or a cinch-tote pet care kit. There are even official Subaru license plate frames you can put on to help express your love for your four-legged pal. With so many fun items to add to your winter plans, you'll wish the snowy season would never end.