Subaru Battery Service

Your Subaru has been built to have a very long life of reliable operation, but a little bit of maintenance on your part is essential. A dead or weak battery can leave you stranded, and even unsafe on the side of the road. The battery is the heart of your vehicle's electrical system, and it generally lasts for a few years before it will need to be replaced. 

Problems with your Subaru's battery will generally be easy to spot and fix before a breakdown happens. The most obvious indicator would be illumination of the battery light on your vehicle's instrument panel. You should also watch for electrical performance issues with your vehicle. Some things to look out for are slow or choppy cranking at startup, headlights dimming at idle or when accessories are being used, and squealing alternator belts. These problems are more common during our harsh New England winters, since more current is needed to start a car in cold weather. 

You should also make a habit of opening the hood and checking the battery between your regular visits to the service department at Balise Subaru. Look for loose wires/belts/connections, bulges in the battery case, and corrosion - blue, white, yellow, or green buildup - around the battery connections. In the case of a bulging battery, do not drive the vehicle, since it could mean there are gases built up inside it. Instead, have it towed in for immediate service.

Blue-green residue is copper sulfate, which forms when lead seeps out of the battery and reacts with copper in the terminal clamp. If you see the residue, neutralize and clean it off with an old toothbrush and a paste made of baking soda and water. Left there, it will lessen the conductivity of electricity into the systems that need it, leading to lowered battery performance and other issues. White residue, on the other hand, tells you that the battery is undercharged. This usually happens because the car is only driven in short spurts, rather than the longer rides that keep the alternator engaged enough to recharge the battery. The white crystals are evidence of sulfation, and if that process goes on too long the crystals can form permanently on the battery's negative plates, leading to lowered performance. 

With cold weather coming, if you are at all concerned that your battery may be nearing the end of its life, it's best to replace it rather than risk having it fail and let you down. The factory-trained technicians at Balise will perform every Subaru battery service from diagnosing its remaining charge to replacing it. You can make your appointment right here.

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