Car batteries these days need very little maintenance, but it's necessary maintenance  all the same.

Cold weather makes batteries work harder, and all drivers must be sure theirs is up to the task. A discharged battery can strand you by the side of the road - an especially dangerous situation in the winter.


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The good news is that a weakening battery will generally give you some clear warning signs, aside from the obvious: the battery light/indicator on your instrument panel. Some common signs to look for include the vehicle not starting as readily as usual, or the headlights dimming when you turn on other accessories. Make it a habit between your service appointments to open the hood and inspect the battery yourself. Check for loose connections and corrosion, and be sure that the case is not misshapen. Gases can build up inside a battery case, causing the sides to bulge. That's unusual, but if you see that, do not start the vehicle: have it towed in for service as soon as possible. If you see blue-green or white residue, you can clean it with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and water, but make plans to have the vehicle battery checked by your trusted service team to make sure there's not a problem developing.


If you take your vehicle to Balise Subaru for its regular scheduled maintenance, our factory-trained technicians will check the battery and other systems during each visit as needed. These experienced professionals know Subaru vehicles through and through. They can spot and take care of any issues in the early stages, likely keeping larger repairs at bay. If the battery is a few years old and your Subaru battery service indicates that the charge is diminished, your best bet will be to replace it rather than taking chances that you'll break down somewhere. This is especially so in the winter, when batteries are far more likely to fail because of the challenges of cold weather.

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