Correct wheel alignment is critical to proper vehicle handling, which is, of course, critical to safety. A vehicle's wheel alignment also effects tire wear and fuel efficiency. Your tires can become misaligned for a number of reasons, even during normal daily driving. One model versus another may have different service interval recommendations for their wheel alignment service visits, so check your owner's manual or consult your Subaru service technician. You should also be your vehicle's advocate yourself by making it a habit to check the tires for signs of wear (you might do this every Saturday morning or every time you stop for gas - whichever is easier to remember). If you notice any uneven wear - a common spot would be on the tire's edge - it's time to get the vehicle in to the pros at your authorized Subaru service center. Now, let's delve a bit more into the importance of wheel alignments.

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The Importance of Wheel Alignments

The problems caused by misaligned wheels can be serious, even resulting in tire failure (a blowout) or loss of vehicle control in cases of severe alignment neglect. If your wheels are out of alignment, you may feel the car pulling strongly to one side of the road or causing distracting vibration in the steering wheel. While the primary reason to maintain your alignment is the safety of you, your passengers, and those in other vehicles around you, keeping on top of your Subaru's wheel alignment can save you money as well. As mentioned, your fuel efficiency will be better (and those savings will add up nicely over time), and your tires will last longer. The less often you have to replace a costly set of tires, the better.


Getting a Wheel Alignment

Like most Subaru vehicle services, wheel alignments must be performed by a professional service technician using state-of-the-art equipment. Since a vehicle's wheels are so important to your safety and a vehicle's overall performance, it is highly recommended that you visit an authorized Subaru technician for your wheel alignment services. Putting your car in the hands of the most specifically experienced professionals will also give you the greatest peace of mind. Wheel alignments are specific to the vehicle, especially on all-wheel-drive Subarus, so it makes sense to visit a technician who knows the brand best.


Scheduling a Wheel Alignment

When it is time for your next wheel alignment, we'd love to take care of you at Balise Subaru. There are a couple ways to schedule an appointment with us: you can call our service department at 877-848-6349, or you can book it online. Once it is time for your appointment, you can find us at 561 Quaker Lane in West Warwick, Rhode Island.